The very best ways to "show the world" that YOU ARE Your Sister's Keeper, is through one of the following ways:

  • sharing anything you see on our blog that you think can be of use to you, or someone you are connected to --- which is as easy as clicking on any post below, and pressing that share button at the bottom of each post.  

Donating time and/or money --- both of which help push " The I AM My Sister's Keeper Movement" forward.

Every time you make a donation of $50.00 or more,  you receive a free "I AM My Sister's Keeper" T-Shirt.  Not only are you helping to fund The I AM My Sister's Keeper Movement, but whenever you wear your "I AM My Sister's Keeper" T-shirt to any of our calendar events, we are able to take your picture and add you to our front page --- encouraging others towards answering our community-call-to-action, and helping us all move towards "The Dream of an AIDS Free Generation."


Also, while attending any event, we can always use some help signing up more pledges, or simply stimulating those much needed conversations that can help our community to better understand:

  • what we know about HIV/AIDS

  • why we should care about HIV/AIDS 

  • and, what we can do about HIV/AIDS

If you are a member of an organization or business, you can help push The I AM My Sister's Keeper Movement forward by inviting us to be a part of your next event or large gathering --- where we can: 

  • provide speakers

  • conduct workshops 

  • facilitate male and female condemn demonstrations 

  • offer guests the opportunity to know their status thru live-onsite-rapid-HIV testing

  • and/or distribute life altering information about this growing threat to our community.



Also, brick and mortar business owners can really help push The I AM My Sister's Keeper Movement forward by joining our growing "Protect Yourself thru Safer Sex" community-condoms-network. Participating businesses are provided one of our I AM My Sister's Keeper Condom-Candy-Bowls, and an I AM My Sister's Keeper member will take full responsibility for making sure you keep a fresh supply, so that you are better able to keep your fellow community members safe.