The I AM My Sister's Keeper Movement is a community-call-to-action, designed to move us all towards The Dream of an AIDS Free Generation.

  • All around the world, HIV/AIDS is threatening to destroy the black community --- especially among our black women.  
  • All around the world, more and more people are waking up to the reality that we are the ones that must take responsibility for changing the impact that HIV/AIDS is having on our communities.  
  • All around the world, people are joining the I AM My Sister's Keeper Movement, encouraging a growing community of thoughtful committed citizens to share in the belief that together, we can stop the spread of HIV/AIDS in our communities. Together, we can move towards The Dream of an AIDS Free Generation.

Above are some of those thoughtful committed citizens and their reasons for taking action.  We hope that they leave you encouraged and inspired to help push the movement forward by taking the pledge and showing the world that " You Are Your Sister's Keeper."