Let's Party With A Purpose

A special Thank You to the Chicago Metropolitan Breast Cancer Task Force for allowing The I AM My Sister's Keeper Network to be a part of their Beyond October! Party With a Purpose, event on this Saturday at IIT's Herman Hall.

I AM My Sister's Keeper Adult Councilors and Adolescent Peer Educators were blessed with the opportunity to come alongside, providing HIV testing, proper condom use demonstrations, and taking advantage of each and every opportunity to stimulate much needed conversation about better women's sexual health in our communities. 

The Metropolitan Chicago Breast Cancer Task Force (The Task force) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the fight against breast cancer inequalities in Metropolitan Chicago.

Born out of the fact that many women are not able to get care or don't get the best quality of care based on where they live, the type of insurance they have, how much money they earn and their race --- and the fact that these inequalities leave women of color and poor women in a situation where they are more likely to die from breast cancer or become sicker due to their battle with the disease --- The Task Force used Saturday's event to bring the community together.  

 Executive Director Anne Marie Murphy, Ph.D. and Associate Director Teena L. Francois, MPH

Executive Director Anne Marie Murphy, Ph.D. and Associate Director Teena L. Francois, MPH

The strength of their leadership was especially on displays as they successfully brought community health services, community resources, and community businesses all under one roof with the collective intentions of fostering efforts toward healthier lifestyles.  And on behalf of each and every member of The I AM My Sister's Keeper Network, we applaud The Task Force, their leaders, staff, and volunteers, and all of the community organizations and businesses that participated.

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