Who We Are?

I AM My Sister's Keeper

What We Are?

A Community Collaborative to Eradicate HIV/AIDS among African American Women and Girls

What We Do?

I AM My Sister's Keeper is committed to collaborating with businesses, organizations, and individuals invested in eradicating HIV/AIDS in their communities; supporting their every efforts to ensure that the community understands:

  • what we know about HIV/AIDS
  • why we should care about HIV/AIDS
  • what we can do about HIV/AIDS

How We Do It?

We Provide capacity building workshops and other trainings to help them better understand how the virus is spread --- enabling them to work towards the elimination of stigma and motivating others to do the same.

We provide testing to help them make available opportunities for community members to know their status.

We provide linkage to care for them to help those testing positive.

We provide them with information, educational workshops, and other resources to help them support their communities efforts to protect themselves.

Today, if you are a business, organization, or individual willing to help fight one of Tomorrow's greatest threat to the black community, then be sure to join THE MOVEMENT, take THE PLEDGE, and show THE WORLD that you are "Your Sister's Keeper."